Sermons available from series entitled : Matthew

The Messiah's family tree: skeletons and surprisesMatthew 1:1-1728-09-2008AUDIO ICONTEXT ICON
The Messiah's unique beginning: Son of Mary, Son of GodMatthew 1:18-2505-10-2008AUDIO ICONTEXT ICON
The Messiah's mysterious visitorsMatthew 2:1-1212-10-2008AUDIO ICONTEXT ICON
The MessiahMatthew 2:13-2319-10-2008AUDIO ICONTEXT ICON
The Messiah's fiery forerunner: The Kingdom of God is at hand!Matthew 3:1-1226-10-2008AUDIO ICONTEXT ICON
The One who stands with sinnersMatthew 3:13-1702-11-2008AUDIO ICONTEXT ICON
Jesus Tested: lessons on temptation, resistance and trustMatthew 4:1-1109-11-2008AUDIO ICONTEXT ICON
The reign of God is nearMatthew 4:12-2530-11-2008AUDIO ICONTEXT ICON
Sermon on the MountMatthew 5-725-01-2009AUDIO ICONTEXT ICON
The BeatitudesMatthew 5:1-1001-02-2009AUDIO ICONTEXT ICON
Distinctive DisciplesMatthew 5:11-1608-02-2009AUDIO ICONTEXT ICON
Fulfilling the Law of the LordMatthew 5:17-2015-02-2009AUDIO ICONTEXT ICON
Anger and ContemptMatthew 5:21-2622-02-2009AUDIO ICONTEXT ICON
Lust and BetrayalMatthew 5:27-3701-03-2009AUDIO ICONTEXT ICON
Truth shouting; Love shiningMatthew 5:33-4808-03-2009AUDIO ICONTEXT ICON
Prayer without pretendingMatthew 6:1-8, 16-1726-04-2009AUDIO ICONTEXT ICON
The prayer that Jesus taughtMatthew 6:9-1503-05-2009AUDIO ICONTEXT ICON
The bank that never failsMatthew 6:19-2417-05-2009AUDIO ICONTEXT ICON
Anxiety and PeaceMatthew 6:25-3414-06-2009AUDIO ICONTEXT ICON
Judgement: good and badMatthew 7:1-621-06-2009AUDIO ICONTEXT ICON
Persistent prayerMatthew 7:7-1228-06-2009AUDIO ICONTEXT ICON
A life on the RockMatthew 7:24-2705-07-2009AUDIO ICONTEXT ICON
True religion and falseMatthew 7:13-2312-07-2009AUDIO ICONTEXT ICON
The authority of Jesus ChristMatthew 8:1-1727-09-2009AUDIO ICONTEXT ICON
Jesus restoring a disordered worldMatthew 8:23-9:804-10-2009AUDIO ICONTEXT ICON
Jesus healing a broken worldMatthew 9:18-3411-10-2009AUDIO ICONTEXT ICON
Jesus calling us to discipleshipMatthew 8:12-22, 9:9-1718-10-2009AUDIO ICONTEXT ICON
Jesus sending us out in missionMatthew 9:35-10:1525-10-2009AUDIO ICONTEXT ICON
Jesus warning us of oppositionMatthew 10:17-3101-11-2009AUDIO ICONTEXT ICON
Jesus urging us to faithfulnessMatthew 10:32-4208-11-2009AUDIO ICONTEXT ICON
When a good man doubtedMatthew 11:1-1924-01-2010AUDIO ICONTEXT ICON
Jesus, the revelation of GodMatthew 11:20-3031-01-2010AUDIO ICONTEXT ICON
Jesus and His criticsMatthew 12:1-2107-02-2010AUDIO ICONTEXT ICON
'Christianity is Evil!?'Matthew 12:22-3714-02-2010AUDIO ICONTEXT ICON
Responses to JesusMatthew 13:1-2321-02-2010AUDIO ICONTEXT ICON
The hidden kingdom and the future gloryMatthew 13:24-4328-02-2010AUDIO ICONTEXT ICON
The hidden glories of the kingdom of GodMatthew 13:31-35, 44-5207-03-2010AUDIO ICONTEXT ICON
Weakness and PowerMatthew 13:53-14:3614-03-2010AUDIO ICONTEXT ICON
Getting Ready for GodMatthew 15:1-2021-03-2010AUDIO ICONTEXT ICON
Outsiders in; insiders outMatthew 15:21-16:1230-05-2010AUDIO ICONTEXT ICON
Rock of ages cleft for meMatthew 16:13-2806-06-2010AUDIO ICONTEXT ICON
This is my son - listen to himMatthew 17:1-2713-06-2010AUDIO ICONTEXT ICON
Learning to value one anotherMatthew 18:1-2020-06-2010AUDIO ICONTEXT ICON
Learning to forgive one anotherMatthew 18:21-3527-06-2010AUDIO ICONTEXT ICON
Marriage, divorce and singlenessMatthew 19:1-1204-07-2010AUDIO ICONTEXT ICON
The Tragedy of the Rich Young ManMatthew 19: 13-2626-09-2010AUDIO ICONTEXT ICON
The amazing generosity of GodMatthew 19:27- 20:1603-10-2010AUDIO ICONTEXT ICON
Status & service in the kingdom of GodMatthew 20: 17-3410-10-2010AUDIO ICONTEXT ICON
The King comes in lowlinessMatthew 21: 1-1117-10-2010AUDIO ICONTEXT ICON
The King comes in judgement Matthew 21: 12-2224-10-2010AUDIO ICONTEXT ICON
The King is rejectedMatthew 21: 23-4631-10-2010AUDIO ICONTEXT ICON
An invitation from the King Matthew 22: 1-1407-11-2010AUDIO ICONTEXT ICON
The King invites us into his KingdomMatthew 22: 15-4614-11-2010AUDIO ICONTEXT ICON
The Parable of the Ten VirginsMatthew 25:1-1316-01-2011AUDIO ICONTEXT ICON
The Parable of the TalentsMatthew 25:14-3023-01-2011AUDIO ICONTEXT ICON
The Final Analysis Matthew 25:31-4630-01-2011AUDIO ICONTEXT ICON
Toxic FaithMatthew 23:1-2706-02-2011AUDIO ICONTEXT ICON
The End of an EraMatthew 24:1-3513-02-2011AUDIO ICONTEXT ICON
Come Lord JesusMatthew 24:36-5120-02-2011AUDIO ICONTEXT ICON
Jesus beloved and betrayedMatthew 26:1-3013-03-2011AUDIO ICONNot Available
GethsemaneMatthew 26:36-5620-03-2011AUDIO ICONTEXT ICON
The trial of JesusMatthew 26:57-6827-03-2011AUDIO ICONTEXT ICON
Peter's denial of Christ Matthew 26:69-7503-04-2011AUDIO ICONTEXT ICON
Jesus Before PilateMatthew 27:11-3117-04-2011AUDIO ICONTEXT ICON
The crucifixion of the Son of GodMatthew 27: 27-5622-04-2011AUDIO ICONTEXT ICON
He has risen from the DeadMatthew 27:57-28:1024-04-2011AUDIO ICONTEXT ICON
Judas Iscariot: disillusioned with Jesus Matthew 26:6-16 & 27:1-1015-05-2011AUDIO ICONTEXT ICON
The Great Commission 1Matthew 28:16-2003-07-2011AUDIO ICONTEXT ICON
The Great Commission 2Matthew 28:16-2010-07-2011AUDIO ICONTEXT ICON

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